Puerto Vallarta Beach

pv beach © 2013 Michael Fiveson

A shot from the shores of our hotel in PV. This time of year it is always sunny and perfect. What you see in the distance are the mountains and main part of PV, including downtown where the fabulous malecon is located. Sporadic internet will limit how much blogging I can do, but I will be shooting. Hasta luego.

30 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta Beach

  1. Oh, My! I didn’t know you were on vacation! What a grand idea. It’s cold here too. Forty degrees is below freezing for me. Have a great time, Mike! Don’t come back until the big thaw… Chuckle…


    • Hi George. I think it is warming up in Colorado, but here in PV it is really magnificent. Heading into town soon to go to the botanical gardens and just do some chilling, not that it isn’t all chill. Nice to hear from you, eh.


  2. Well, first I had to google the malecon and after reading a story on HuffPost about it (“an eye-popping, 12-block-long art show peppered by dozens of sculptures, mosaics and paintings along with all kinds of indoor and outdoor galleries” and shops and restaurants) I am now completely happy for you and a bit envious, too. Sounds wonderful, as is your photo! Enjoy every moment and know we are all thinking of you!! (by the way, I mentioned you in my blog today 🙂


    • Thanks my sweet friend. The malecon was totally destroyed not too many years ago by a big hurricane and the town took on volunteers, including tourists, and with the help of the military they rebuilt it all in a matter of a few weeks. I was not here at the time (I avoid hurricane season), but there is a pride here that one can feel. I am off to see what kind of terrible things you said about me.


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