22 thoughts on “Candy Tree

  1. If I’m going to eat candy, it will surely be lemon (or orange). Love the colors of all. I can’t believe you have all that snow. I’ve seen none yet and the only threat is on Sunday … the very day I am hosting a fundraiser for my little city. Darn it …


    • Hopefully it won’t snow on Sunday. I used my snow-blower on my big driveway and corner lot. I like using it, and it is done snowing but is very cold out. Will be well below zero tonight. Next week we are on the beach in Mexico. That will be really nice.


      • That is an unknown. The place I am staying charges for internet, and I won’t pay their ransom. There is a coffee house nearby with free internet, so while I’ll be taking pictures, I don’t know when I’ll post them. Hopefully as I get into town I’ll do enough exploring to have many images.


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