34 thoughts on “Sun Cottages

  1. I’ve stayed in places like this. Sometimes, they were nicer than they looked. Other times, they were exactly what they appeared to me 🙂 Evocative of those long car trips through strange territory!


  2. Creepy… In for a deep sleep indeed, and never to see the dawn again… As ever, great Black & White treatment! (D’you think this was the forerunner of the Bates Motel?)


  3. When the No Vacancy sign missing, it says “keep moving along”. 🙂
    Almost looks like the motel my wife and I stopped after we got married. Crappy outside and inside. We ended up sleeping in the car.


  4. I love that this photo is in B&W! Creepy cottages! I can’t help but think of Norman Bates. :-O
    I have stayed in some interesting places on road trips…too many stories to tell. 🙂 One was the Hotel Hell and another was the No-Tell Motel!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  5. Oh my gosh, the comment section made me laugh (good thing I didn’t spit out my coffee this morning). The foreign language. Tosser and Tooled Up. Honeymoons in the car. Fun! The photo? Wonder what was sunny about that place? Yikes!


    • Good morning Laurie. Yes, the comments can be fun if I have someone insane, in addition to myself. And there is nothing sunny about that place. Maybe 40 years ago.


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