Mystery Headstone

Graveyards are interesting places. In addition to the real sense of respect and sadness, sometimes there are headstones that are full of intrigue.

southerRed Souther was three years older than his bride, Grace. I would speculate that they married at about age 25 and 22, meaning they were married for 54 years. But it is the dates of their death that creates the mystery here. They died just 15 days apart and one wonders why. Was it something violent like a car accident, an illness they both shared, or something very poignant, like a broken heart. It happens with some frequency, that life partners cannot live without each other, and one death is quickly followed by the other, whose grief is overwhelming. Together forever, rest in peace, Red and Grace.

29 thoughts on “Mystery Headstone

  1. Any or all of the above. Possible. My grandparents died about 2 weeks apart. True, both were sick, but when when passed, the other just gave up. I can actually see Garry and I doing the same.


  2. That is so intriguing!
    I’ve seen a grave where a wife and husband died on the same day. The keeper told us that the wife died from illness one morning, and the husband felt sick in her funeral and died at night on the same day.


  3. This made me teary eyed, too. I don’t have a life partner, but my parents have been that for each other for over 50 years. I can’t imagine how one will go one without the other … even though they are both independent folks.


    • That makes your parents very lucky. It is becoming more unusual to have life time partners these days. That has to be sweet for you as well, to see them together.


  4. 54 years of marriage…I would have liked to ask them how the kept it together. My grandparents have been married for 65 + years; they’re still alive, and my grandma’s advice is to not get married…hahaha! Moving photo 🙂


      • hahaha possibly, but she has been through hills and valleys with my grandpa. they still get a long. it was a very different time for them when they got married. have a nice day!


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