Ode to the Season

vstar copy© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Some people ride all winter. I do not. She sits in my garage, winterized and asleep.


39 thoughts on “Ode to the Season

  1. I live in a place where winter rules like the Czars of Old. Its just plain impossible to ride all year round. Looking forward to getting one or two more rides in before the place turns into a Ice Wasteland.


    • Laurie I thought about you for some time and considered not making that post, for fear of it being upsetting to you. I don’t know your future intentions, but if you are to ride again, you will have another bike you love even more. Somewhere along the line I would like to talk with you by way of email…., if you are willing.


      • I’m glad to see your bike and it makes me feel to good to know my feelings were considered. I do know one thing for sure: I definitely will ride again!! Some people thing that’s crazy, but most are supportive. It’s interesting … if you get in a car wreck, no one questions you getting back in the car, right? So I will ride again and I may very well get the same thing. I sure loved that bike and how comfortable I was on it.
        And yes to email!!!


    • She is now de-winterized and once again I have the thrill of riding my big cruiser through the country side looking for images. One day I should take a real trip somewhere.

      Are you still riding? Is it your bike or do you ride with your husband? (I noticed two helmets on it)


      • No, I am no longer riding. When hubs’ confidence faded, that was it. I’ve never rode a bike, but if I had started younger, you bet I would have! I miss riding. The freedom is like nothing else. Lucky you with your camera riding into the sunset (my fav time to shoot) on your trustworthy steed. NICE! I love the imagery in my head. LOL


      • Bikes are dangerous things. You know that because you were (are?) an RN. I’m lucky at my age to be able to ride, and as I get older I am cognizant that at some point I’ll stop. But not yet.


      • Mike, in all seriousness, that is the very reason I said, No more. I got to the point I felt fear, and that is when I knew, no more. As an RN I saw the mangled messes (worked in SICU) so yes, I am very aware how dangerous they are. One wrong move and you are hitting pavement. That is one of the reasons for the leather you see me wearing. It is extremely thick as is both my riding coats/jackets. The thrill of the ride is over for me. Now I pour all that passion into my photography. Tonight I am going outside and shoot the colors of the sunset. It should be quite spectacular because the sky is a deep blue and it is still very chilly here. The hot sun with the cooler air should bring about some awesome colors. Or so I hope. A couple of fluffy clouds would be nice … I’ll call for fluffy clouds … let’s see what happens. GRIN! xx


      • Got it, and I completely understand. It’s a wise person who knows when to quit/stop/finish/be done.
        Good luck with your late day shoot. I look for clouds too as they create drama and when converted to B&W can be made moody and even evil. May you have all the puffy clouds you could ever desire, and more.


      • Good morning, Mike!! I haven’t edited yet, but I think I shot some terrific images. Now mind you, I had a cat wrapped around my ankles wanting attention (one of the outdoor ones) as I am running through a field of mud. Crossing fingers that when I did hit the shutter, my hands were steady. You should be seeing the images in the next few days. (smile!) xx Amy


      • Anyone who walks through mud dragging a cat with her deserves some decent images. Hope you got some.
        Today I did not post, probably won’t until Sunday. Have a good day Amy.


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