Kersey’s Garage

kersey's garage© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Found in the older part of my town is this wonderful old station and garage.


33 thoughts on “Kersey’s Garage

  1. Around here, that’s what most of them look like 🙂 But the guys doing the pumping (self-serve hasn’t really caught on) are kids, like they have always been. In this economy, some not so much kids. Time runs more slowly in th country, I think.


    • Slow time! We chased it once in Arkansas, of all places, and had a ranch with 2 acres of wooded land. Then the summer came, and chased us right the hell out of there.


  2. I wish there were some old stations left around here Mike but I guess everyone is into making money on real estate. There is one station that’s left on Northern State Parkway in Suffolk that I think is owned by the state with a slate roof that I wish they would renovate and reopen. In any case really nice shot Mike.


  3. The days when all stations were full service and a gallon gas was a steal compared to now. I remember my dad complaining when the price of gas went up to 32 cents per gallon.


  4. This is a great shot. What is it about old station/garages? They always catch my eye as I drive by: the rusting pumps, the interesting lettering on the signs, abandoned equipment, etc. We have a few around here I keep wanting to go explore. I’m just sure there has to be some great old junk lying around in the dirt or on the garage floor.


    • I don’t know, exactly, what the draw might be but I suspect it has something to do with the almost homemade, less corporate look that feels safe and honest, if that makes sense. Kind of old time values like when a handshake meant everything.
      Thanks for the comment, Lemony. It is always so nice to hear from you.


  5. I ran across a couple of these old places on my trip in 2012, and was glad because the folks working there actually knew how to give directions. That is one of the many things I miss about old gas stations … directions, free air for the tires, and a rag to clean the windshield. Love the photo!


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