Autumn Path

autumn path© 2013 Michael Fiveson

I have long been smitten with the beauty of Autumn, and this year is no exception.

37 thoughts on “Autumn Path

  1. You’ve got some great colours, great light in this image – ‘essence of autumn’ I would say 🙂 what software did you use for that almost luminous glow (says she, at the risk of being told off because there was no manipulation….)


    • This is a weird and socially repressed city for a college town. It is agriculturally based and is full of republicans. We do have a dog park, but it makes me nervous to go to it because I don’t want any dog to hurt Pumpkin. I’m very protective of my golden girl.


  2. Autumn is really a wonderful time for photographers. Especially in the afternoon … all that bright, golden light, and the long, dark shadows it creates.

    I hate the short days … but, the natural light is fantastic …. as is plainly obvious in your great photo … you captured the light really well!


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