Oak Leaves

oak leaves© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Autumn is so beautiful, it is almost like an apology for the cold and ugly of winter.


13 thoughts on “Oak Leaves

  1. That is a good way to think of it. I hate the drab winters. The only good thing I can think of about winter is the frosty/ice fog mornings when the bare trees sparkle in the sunlight.


  2. It’s past peak here now … everything is turning brown. Opend new blog at http://serendipity-redux.blogspot.com/ Can’t access my blog. Technical problem because of place we are staying, or so WP says, but maybe time to give relief to my overloaded site. Can barely get onto your site. All WP sites are without formatting right now from my vantage point. Hopefully will be back to normal when we get home.


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