Silver Leaves

silver leaves© 2013 Michael Fiveson


25 thoughts on “Silver Leaves

  1. Hey Mike
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog……The ‘like’ brought me here to yours and I’m so glad it did…
    Ten minutes in and I’ve found tips on zip-gun manufacture, co-ed multi-racial fisticuffs, parentally purchased prostitutes AND photoshop!
    Whats not to like?


    • 2 1/2 years of blogging, over 20,000 comments, and you, Stuart, have managed to post the most incisive and witty comment to date. For that you win my eternal appreciation and all that goes with it (can’t think of what that might be.) Thanks!


      • ‘All that goes with it’…
        That’s easy…a simple responsibility to continue to keep me entertained.
        I in turn will reciprocate….. (though I cant promise guns, hookers and inter-gender pugilism)……


      • I no longer participate in inter-gender pugilism, just to be clear. But I do have a memoir that introduces my readers to my .38 special 😉


      • You don’t strike me as a ‘cloistered’ kind of guy. It’s all relative in any event. I actually don’t have much of a life these days, but that too is relative, so I look at the bright side, keep my glass half full, and say ‘awww, fuck it.’


  2. Quite the exchage you had with Stuart! It’s always fun to read comment sections on everyone’s blogs … NOW I am challenged to come up with something EVEN wittier and MORE insightful! Sigh … never gonna happen 🙂
    (if you get a moment sometime, check out my Not Colorado post – just one image)


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