Pumpkin Love

pumpkin love© 2013 Michael Fiveson

This dog of mine, sweet Pumpkin, fills me with joy and love. She recently had dental surgery and I feared for her loneliness waking up in a kennel, without Judy or I in sight. When we went to pick her up the Vet relayed what a sweet dog she is and how upon waking up, she looked around and started to wag her tail. She will be nine on Halloween.


36 thoughts on “Pumpkin Love

  1. I love this photo… background and Pumpkin – all around lovely. You know, I had adopted a rescue dog that had to have all but 8 teeth extracted when we first got him. He was a completely different and very happy dog just days after the extractions! I think he must have felt poorly for a very long time, just due to neglected teeth.

    What a beautiful love story Pumpkin is in your life, Mike.


    • Every morning we take her for a good long walk which is of great benefit for all of us. She leads the way and knows which routes she has to choose from. It’s her call, we just let it flow.
      Yes, she is one of my 3 great loves. 4 if I include chocolate.


  2. Well, Mike, I have a solution to your worry. Years ago, when Lucy had her hysto, I asked my vet of many years, if he planned to sleep over in the office with her or take her home to sleep with him. Otherwise, Lucy would not be staying in there alone. He sent her home. I figured she could sleep it off at home where I could watch her. Now, he keeps my dogs in crates in his office. I didn’t want them in the kennel with “those dogs”. 🙂 Demi is so fearful that she comes home no matter what she’s had done.

    Pumpkin is such a beautiful girl. She’s so well-adjusted that she probably enjoys her stay at the vet. I always smile when I see her here. Keep inviting her back! 🙂


    • Yeah, I assume she woke up in a crate. It was needless worry on my part as she handles everything in stride while silly daddy handles everything by worrying.
      As she ages I will be tested and I will one day crack wide open. I always survive those cracks, like a man who has no choice. But oh man will I feel that loss. For now I will just love her really hard.
      Thanks, my dear friend.


  3. Good to hear that Pumpkin was happy on waking up from her surgery. It seems she’s developing quite a fan base — maybe you should create the Pumpkin Calendar 2014! (Calendars are in my mind as I just saw another person talking about creating one.)


  4. You seem to love your dog as much as I love mine 🙂 I lost my 12 yr old Jack Russell Terrier on New Years Eve of 2012. She was my world and I was devastated. But I have since rescued a lovable, feisty dog named Milo! Dogs fill our lives with such unconditional love. I hope Pumpkin has a wonderful birthday!!


    • Thanks Kerri. Yeah, Pumpkin is a big part of my universe and is the great dog love of my life. When the times comes and she leaves us I will be overwhelmed with loss. I lose it just thinking about it. Today is my wife’s birthday and Pumpkin will be 9 in 2 days which is 63 in human years, making them the same age. Judy is my great human love.
      I am off on errands. Good to hear from you. Stay in touch.


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