Free Range Pumpkin

free range pumpkin© 2013 Michael Fiveson

My sweet Golden, Pumpkin, waits for me on a recent hike. Neither of us are young anymore, but when let off leash she becomes much younger than I am. I adore her.


63 thoughts on “Free Range Pumpkin

  1. This is such a cute portrait of Pumpkin…I can almost feel the empathy and the kindness in his eyes…Retrievers (both Labradors and Goldens) are real sweet heats and I know that from experience….
    The photograph is so full of character and is so rich….There are so many things to observe and I love the B/W rendition…A very well composed image that actually tells a story…Loved it!!!


    • I just got back from a walk with Pumpkin and I am well aware of the clock that never stops. That is part of why I love her so hard, the realization. She will be 9 on Halloween.
      You are spot on Dan, and thanks for this.


  2. I’m helping my sister after her recent shoulder surgery. She has two 14 month old yellow labs. Wow! What a lot of work they are. Very large and still puppies in their heads. lol I don’t have pets so it is taking me a bit of getting used to having them underfoot. Love Pumpkin’s picture!


    • My titles needed work 😉
      It is drying out and is quite nice now unless you are one of the poor souls who lost everything and have nowhere to go, and nothing to do it with.


      • My brother’s house had a foot of water by the end of it–only a foot because my sis-in-law and nephew dammed up the outsdie stairwell. My brother was not home–gone on business! Now comes the mess of cutting out carpet, drywall, and insulation, and going through the damage. Argh. Much better than some, though. My son is going down to help this weekend.


      • Well I’m sorry that he had any damage at all. This storm was so unexpected and really out of character for this area. I’m certainly glad that your family is OK Lilly. Positive thoughts to them and you as well.


      • You are right about that but strangely this one came from the south initially and also included many cells from the west in the following days.


  3. I’m a sucker for goden pictures, I’ve got two of my own and they end up on blog on a fairly regular basis (sometimes just there fur is there…there always seems to be dog fur on everything outside.) I’ve enjoyed your blog and am looking forward to reading more!


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