39 thoughts on “Spooky

  1. I will never figure out how you always manage to get the clouds to participate so nicely in your work. I guess some things I’m neither meant, nor required, to understand. Outstanding work, Mike.


    • Hi Alex!. When the right clouds are processed with the right filters I get the look I am after. The arrangement of the clouds are just a matter of good timing and luck.
      Thanks, eh.


  2. If “a roof over our heads” is such a primary need, why do we build roofs that always fall in first leaving walls standing? That always struck me as inconsistent with what we say is essential. This is a great editing job. I like it very much.


    • Has something to do with how much wood a woodchuck can chuck. Or, it might have to do with gravity and the force a roof would feel being suspended and all. Or, if the roof was the last thing to go that may well create a scenario where the walls give first, bringing the roof down on us. But I am glad you like it, eh.


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