Random Haiku

did you ever know

when you broke my heart in two

you freed a lost boy


this thing called aging

sickness waiting in shadows

will strike like a snake


the six million knew

abandoned by any god

died in their own filth

Β© 2013 Michael Fiveson

25 thoughts on “Random Haiku

    • I really like that you like them. It says as much about you as me. Haiku like that gives me an opportunity to let some of my stuff out. It’s certainly not all dark, but those were. Thank you.


  1. Ah Mike … can I tell you that I love you and your blog? Or will that set WordPress all a twitter πŸ™‚
    Powerful words, those.
    And I love that your son follows your blog πŸ™‚


    • Well Laurie I love you too and have for awhile now. Wish we lived closer so we could drink some beer and talk. I think the term “all a twitter” has new meaning now and would include people tweeting. Me, I don’t tweet.
      Thank you, and tweeters be damned.


  2. Why don’t you tweet? Even I tweet sometimes. Good place to find out what’s going on in politics, for one thing. If anybody wanted to know. I like these very much. I agree with Matt. You should write song lyrics. Ah, such talent, Mike.


    • Thanks George. I don’t tweet because I have little to say and don’t care too much about what others say. And, I live in a frugal manner, keeping my expenses as low as I can.
      I really like to do Haiku. Always have. Truth be told they just roll out of my head.


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