28 thoughts on “Old Brick Home

  1. You’re serving margarita’s? Would love to know the history of this old place. I am fascinated by old homes, a great shot Mike.


  2. Hmm, I’m more of a martini girl, but I’ll try one of your margaritas! Wouldn’t it be great to sit around with your blogger friends and just soak up the adoration? You deserve it, Mike. I really enjoy your architectural shots… but my real love is those old car and truck shots you find!


    • Soaking up adoration would be a very new experience for me and I am just shy enough to be real uncomfortable without the margaritas and martinis. Although, really, I would just as soon drink my aftershave than gin, but I will accommodate you Lori, since I adore you.


  3. I love it Mike! The house is pretty amazing, though I bet not as spooky in color, in B&W. I bet this house is old and built to stay, though the porch is well, uh, it looks like I built it….so do not trust the thing 🙂 Great stuff man!


  4. wouldn’t it be great to have the money to fix it up to it’s original glory? I’ve had more fun looking at older homes as I’ve travelled … they are just so much more interesting than new ones


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