31 thoughts on “Abandoned Home

  1. I have seen many old farm homes such as this along side the dirt roads of Ga. where I spent 2 weeks each summer…wonderful memories.


      • when I was a kid I spent two weeks with my grandparents on the outskirts of Marietta. Picked grapes they called bullous and wild blackberries. Not a bad life.


      • Those would be great memories if they were mine. Except for one glorious summer in Ontario, my summers were spent in NY.


      • Oh! I spent a about 6 months in Endicott, NY. A one day trip to NYC, the highlight.. Beautiful State! Never been to Canada, maybe someday, not to keen on the cold. Best Mike!


  2. Why do I say house and you say home? I never refer to a house as a home. I think “home” implies an assumption that I am not willing to make. That interests me. Nice selective color. You’d have to be way far into “easy” and way out of money… 😉


    • You say house because you are cold hearted and evil. I say home because I am warm and giving. OR, I could have gone with house just as easily and for whatever reason chose home. Hell, I don’t know. Beats the shit out of me.
      Agreed on the easy and broke part. Did you kiss cheeky for me?


  3. You know in past life these bees used to live in this house and then one day an evil land lord told the people of the house to do some complex yoga if they wanted to continue living in the house and the people tried and were forever knotted and died in yoga positions and then this life came back as bees.


  4. Mike, I have to say … your comment section is one of the best parts of your blog (after, of course, the excellent photography). Quite the theme this morning: getting a buzz on, passing the pipe … I’d join right in there but it’s back to work for me today!


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