Murderers’ Row

murderers' row© 2013 Michael Fiveson

They may not have belonged to bad men, but I get a real gangster vibe from this photo. Others might see grandfathers and church-going men driving these cars, but I see Al Capone and his henchmen. Most of these cars also had large holes in the driver’s windshield. That is a bit disturbing when you think of wrecked cars and no seat belts.

36 thoughts on “Murderers’ Row

  1. Seat belts don’t save you from bullets…..but no, point taken if these were the cars of everyman, rather than criminals. but that was how life was then. Love this photo, right up my street!! 🙂


      • I figured as much but a man can hope. I still can see the color and rust past the mask that is presented. One day Mike you need to go back and see….
        Great shot Mike, I am just coming from a different place, not hating it 🙂


      • jagged, I started with the color shot and purposely manipulated it to appear dark and moody. I still have the color shot…..


      • I thought so but you know I just love the color rust in yours, and hell anybodies, stuff!
        I have not happened upon much of the color rust myself since my favorite photo op went away. I hope that old truck is getting a new life though because it was a piece of art itself.


  2. Love this picture – on seeing it my mind, too, flashed back to the b/w gangster movie era 🙂 I quite envy you this photo opportunity (as well as many others I’ve seen on your blog), you wouldn’t find that where I live. Although Europe certainly has a great many photo ops, too, from a shot like this you get a sense of a totally different way of life and history.


    • Great comment Kiki. I too get a sense of other cultures from looking at blogs from other countries and it is quite interesting actually. It is also as close as I will get to visiting foreign lands. Thank you for this comment.


    • Thanks. I was aiming for dark mood and I am pleased with the result. More pleased by your thoughtful comment. Give Cheeky a kiss for me. As I am off to bed, allow me to say a good night and a good day tomorrow. Buenas noche, hermana.


  3. I can almost imagine one of these beauties idling quietly outside a bank….

    Great shot Mike. If it’s true a picture paints a thousand words, then you’ve got an easy 2k here…maybe 3.


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