Door Handle

door handle© 2013 Michael Fiveson

The weathered wood and rusty handle measure time. It all crumbles in the end, unless cared for meticulously. Then we watch the rebirth, as we slowly fade from view.


16 thoughts on “Door Handle

  1. beautiful photography Mike, having spent some childhood time in the country, I can relate to this picture, reminds me of my grandfather’s old smokehouse. thank you!


  2. Getting in close tells the story in a more intimate way. When in college I worked for a TV station as a photographer. The news director before each assignment would say, “Remember, a long shot, medium, and close up. I liked the shot.


      • Hi Mike! I’m home and catching up on everyone’s blogs … before updating my own. What a trip! Almost 1900 miles and such a fun time!
        Didn’t you get to ride this past week?


      • It was cool and rainy the day we were to take a great ride but I have since ridden some. We had an awful hail storm a week ago Saturday and I need a new roof and had some damage to my motorhome as well.
        Your trip looks like it was great fun, as are you, my adventurous and free spirited friend.


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