16 thoughts on “Door Handle

  1. beautiful photography Mike, having spent some childhood time in the country, I can relate to this picture, reminds me of my grandfather’s old smokehouse. thank you!


  2. Getting in close tells the story in a more intimate way. When in college I worked for a TV station as a photographer. The news director before each assignment would say, “Remember, a long shot, medium, and close up. I liked the shot.


      • Hi Mike! I’m home and catching up on everyone’s blogs … before updating my own. What a trip! Almost 1900 miles and such a fun time!
        Didn’t you get to ride this past week?


      • It was cool and rainy the day we were to take a great ride but I have since ridden some. We had an awful hail storm a week ago Saturday and I need a new roof and had some damage to my motorhome as well.
        Your trip looks like it was great fun, as are you, my adventurous and free spirited friend.


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