Old Homestead

old homestaed© 2013 Michael Fiveson

I am calling this a homestead although it may have been a small town. Located in the middle of a large mountain valley there was nothing anywhere near it.  The tall part of the building to the far right has what could be a steeple on it. Or it might be a watch tower. These structures were a good distance from me and what you see was shot with a 75-300 zoom lens at full zoom, hand held.

44 thoughts on “Old Homestead

  1. Oh, fantastic, just waiting for an explore!! Look good in moody monochrome with a bit of cropping, don’t you think? Was there mining in that area? questions, always questions… 🙂


    • Stranger things have happened. I knew a guy in high school who went to Europe twice, years apart in 2 different countries and each time ran into the same friend he knew from back home who was there randomly. I also knew someone back then who was named Pete Moss, but that’s another story.


  2. Great photo… I’m not sure whether it’s a spooky or sad place… or maybe it is a cover for an underground experimental station, or maybe aliens have created it as their earth base and that’s why the wire fence keeps people out…. or maybe its just a ruined farm…


    • There you go, right back to Tombstone! Your book….wow. I’m a slow reader and will work my way thorough it all. Reading another as well. When I’m done with it, if not sooner, I’ll be compelled to email you.


  3. Shots like these just make me wonder … what went on? I rode through Appomattox yesterday and because of the historical nature of the place, the who, when, where, and why are well documented. Yet, still I wondered about the individuals.
    Pretty impressive shot from such a distance!


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