29 thoughts on “Mountain Valley

      • Good morning! I’m up mighty early for me! But, I got a view that made me feel like riding my old horse right up some lonesome trail in Colorado. 🙂


      • I reckon I’ll meet you and we’ll ride up to moocher’s creek and get old Mitchell Moocher to ride with us up to Benson’s bend where we’ll collect Billy Benson and his horse Gassy. Then the lot of us can ride to Tad Johnson’s pepper tree (we’ll keep Gassy at the rear). At this point we’ll all be exhausted from the ride so we’ll find some shade under that pepper tree and eat us some beans and hard tack. Gassy will get a kick out of that.


    • Way too long. I, on the other hand, passed thru the Northwestern tip of Oklahoma last winter. It was a moving experience for me in the sense that my wheels were moving at the time.
      Come visit. I’ll make you iced tea.


  1. We know exactly where that is. We spend time waaaay up Chalk Creek every year just after the monsoon starts (except for this year, so thank you for the foto.


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