Country Home

country home© 2013 Michael Fiveson

A great country home found off a small road in Northern Colorado. What a fabulous porch.


31 thoughts on “Country Home

    • I would say that these folks have got a handle on success judging from the acreage as well. Congratulations on your future King. Too bad Diana isn’t around to be part of it.


      • Thanks Mike. The happy couple plus baby left hospital and hour ago. Kate wears Diana’s engagement ring which is a lovely link with the past. She would be so proud if she could be here to see it.


      • Kate seems a great combination of beauty, intelligence, class, and real person. I wish we had a few positives here Andy. Our politics have become so ugly and divisive and I am hard pressed to find something that compares with the joy and spectacle of your royal birth. Cheers.


    • Well thank you Joseph, that was my take as well, but I never actually know how something will be received so I always appreciate your thoughtful comments.


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