28 thoughts on “Soft Clouds

    • I love your great imagination. And, as it turns out, you are spot on. I visit the mother ship as often as I need to. Sometimes I am summoned. Thank you.


      • I’m counting down the days! I leave on August 1st for the first part of the trip (3 days / 600 miles), then will head out again on August 6th for the real annual trip (7 days / 1200 miles). So excited … not just for the trip but for some vacation / time off.
        I have several friends heading west on Friday and I so wish I could be with them but a long planned reunion prevents it this year.
        Hopefully next year! Thanks for asking!


      • 200 miles a day is a nice pace on a bike. You can go slow enough to take it in and I prefer smaller highways to interstates. Be safe, be well, have a blast.


  1. I absolutely love this image. The way the textures of the ground and stand of trees accentuate the flow of the clouds, it’s truly hypnotic. Well Done!


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