45 thoughts on “Wildflower

  1. I don’t know what they are called in CO. In Wisconsin we call them Spring Beauties. Here they bloom in early May. I’m sure the elevation would cause a much later bloom.
    Great shot!


  2. Lovely shot, essence of summer in the wilds…and just goes to show, it isn’t all horror on this blog!! I’ve probably black listed myself now….


      • I know. You got it tack-sharp too. That is not easy. I think these little flowers are pretty in photos, but I really never paid any attention to them in fields here. Texans anticipate their arrival the way you and I look for “Fall Color” season in wooded parts of the country. 🙂


      • I took 4 shots of the flower and the other 3 were not sharp. The focus is so finicky that close up. Your frog photos are really great George. I love frogs.


      • Thanks. I think frog love is universal. I’m still feeding one that Charlie invited home last week. Live Meal Worms. A new and huge terrarium to house a free frog. He’s only invited to stay for a week.


  3. Very pretty – I’m almost positive that it is a type of wild alpine geranium but I am not sure what type exactly and I don’t have a US wildflowers book!


  4. It has the look of a familiar friend out here, Mike…Google images of “Purple Sticky Geranium” and see if that’s not a match….. I don’t have more than a few quarters to bet on it, but I think that’s what it is….


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