Rockwell Home

rockwell home© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Found on a meandering motorcycle ride in Northern Colorado is a house that looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. This beauty I turned around for. It is all at once whimsical and patriotic, and has a timeless Americana feel to it. Lemonade and hot dogs anyone?

21 thoughts on “Rockwell Home

      • Those were good dreams , because in that time ( ’50is and ‘6is ) young’s in ex Yugoslavia were all dreaming of “beautiful life ” in USA. Even if in school we were told that that is only Capitalism and that only some rich one have “life ” like this 🙂 we have still continue to dream .


      • Your life back then would be real interesting to know about. Yes, that house is the American dream but there are also many, many Americans who never get to realize it because of poverty, circumstance, or bad luck.


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