Mystery Butterfly

mystery butterfly© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Found, briefly, on a geranium plant. Anyone know what this is?


34 thoughts on “Mystery Butterfly

  1. It’s some kind of moth. Since there are precisely twenty-five trillions of species, I am unable to identify this specimen. The geranium is a pretty one. This looks very much like a reflection in the rear view mirror of a car!


  2. Mike, I believe that is a Skipper of some sort. They’re different than butterflies and moths. I’d have to have a clearer view from another angle to tell. And, of course, like butterflies and moths there are probably hundreds of types of Skippers. Identifying them is difficult sometimes! Nice shot though!


      • As a young girl I had a butterfly net, captured them, and documented the species I found. Then I’d turn them loose. I still keep track of odd species that I discover in the woodlands. Just a little hobby I have! I’m sure my neighbors wonder about a grown woman dashing around in the pasture with a butterfly net! I’m glad you appreciate my vast knowledge!! LOL


      • I lived in Lakewood for 20 years. Now up north a piece. Your mother’s Monica Lewinski comment cracked me up.


      • She has her funny moments. 🙂

        So … change of subject… I don’t know if you’ve checked out my photography blog (link is on the right side)… but, I’m wondering if you belong to any photographer groups or anything …. I’ve been looking for someone in the area to maybe do a few photo trips, to places around town …


      • I don’t belong to any photo groups as I tend to roll alone, but I could enjoy an outing with the right people. I live in Greeley, well to the north of you, so logistically it might be difficult. No, I didn’t notice your photo blog, but will for sure check it out.
        I had a mother too….and it was also complicated, for sure.


      • Yeah, I tend to be more of a loner too … but, I’ve been looking to meet some local photographers who might give me some pointers … I’m still a novice when it comes to my camera, and someone to talk ‘shop’ with … 🙂


      • If you ever find yourself coming up north a spell let me know. It would be fun to hang out with someone as intelligent as you.


      • I’ll see what I can do … with mom, sometimes it is tough for me to get away for more than an hour, but, I’d like to come up north .. check out all that open land, and all those great old buildings you’re always posting photos of!


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