50 thoughts on “Stands a Bull

    • Colonel Littleton? This be a literary reference I should know, but do not? Oh, I get it…..so the bull gets your buddy!! What did Colonel Sanders say about all this?
      Hi George, good to hear from you, and thanks.


      • The Chicken Colonel sighed and asked, “Where the hell is the beef?”
        Col. Littleton is a famous Tennessee designer of gentlemen’s fine leather accoutrements. (wonderful pocket knives. Dean always carried one in his pocket)
        He has mailed fancy catalogues for as long as I can recall. One featured a print with the image of a bull and that quote. I framed it for our lawyer who also bred cattle. I guess it’s a southern “country gentleman” elitist thing. (Assuming that such an elusive creature exists..) Dean just liked their stuff. 😉


  1. And some child was “gored” to death by the Texas Tech bull statue that wasn’t even moving the other night…so it’s probably best that you moved along, too, when he started moving…. Very nice image, though….. 🙂


    • You know I saw those headlines, but did not read the story. If I had been gored by a real bull, the headlines might have said something about an old fool. Good thing my fight or flight is still working. And thanks Scott.


      • Well, yeah…there could be/would be/certainly are more preferred ways to die instead of foolishly. 😉

        And you’re welcome, Sir Mike.


    • Danke Andy. A good image perhaps needs only a few words. Often times I prefer no words, being the parsimonious sort. And a good evening to you, kind sir.


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