Mountain Fire

mtn fire© 2013 Michael Fiveson

We took the RV camping for a few days and cruised some of Rocky Mountain National Park today and when we turned a corner, this is what we saw. Seems a lightening strike started a fire yesterday and high winds have blown it up today. Our campground has an eerie light and the air is heavy with burning wood. I hope no one loses property.

48 thoughts on “Mountain Fire

  1. Great photo . During summer down in Croatia I have witnessed lot of fires . Unfortunately not by lightning or any other natural cause , but only by mans hand . Sometimes peasants are burning grass on their fields even if it is forbidden in summer time , because of dry grass and wind . But oft there are some speculative business bad ideas of ” burned land ” for easy constructions ( I am spending my summer on Dalmatian Coast very touristic region ).


  2. Former USFS firefighter that I am, I can still feel the adrenaline rush of getting called out on a fire. Yes, there are many downsides to fire … but those who work in that field are often addicted to the rush.


    • Well the one in Black Forest (west of Colorado Springs) is for sure. This one up here I have not heard about today. Less smoke today, that much I know.


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