Marijuana Storage

marij storage

© 2013 Michael Fiveson

No, I’m guessing the graffiti does not indicate herbal storage, but with Colorado making marijuana legal, it has to be stored somewhere. Never thought I’d live to see it legalized.



43 thoughts on “Marijuana Storage

  1. I just wish our government here in the UK were so enlightened. I have MS and it would be of huge benefit for pain and stiffness but I can’t have it. Happy to give me all sorts of other drugs, processed in the lab and riddled with side effects. 😦


  2. Awesome shot Mike!I love the color and the rust around the seams. Whatever is being stored in there – someone definitely doesn’t want it to get out. Despite the paleolithic style drawing, I’m thinking something from a much earlier period….velociraptors 😉


  3. There’s so much pleasant joyfulness in this comments section that I feel stoned. A lovely place to visit, thank you, Mike. And Bonnie Michelle we ALL owe you a vote of thanks. Enlightened attitudes . . . ah, how long we have waited. Great stuff.


    • I am a big fan of pleasant joyfulness but what really gets me excited is when I get a new comment from a free soul such as yourself, David. Thanks my friend.


  4. It was effectively legal in Canberra for a while in the early 70s. The legislation had made cannibis sativa illegal but the police were unable in court to prove that a sample was not cannibis indica or cannibis ruderalis so there was effectively no law against it for three months until they got around to redrafting. In the meantime, teenagers were blowing smoke in policemen’s faces. Mind you, it’s been decriminalised since that time. Not like Texas where some unfortunate individual got something like 20 years for possession of a roach in 1965.


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