’47 Mercury

Found on a scooter ride is this wonderful old Mercury, fully restored…47 MercurySleek and sexy, cars of this era have a great gangster feel…merc frontThis may have originally been owned by a returning WW ll hero….merc interiorThe 8 track tapes were a late 60’s add on, and this car just rocks!

© 2013 Michael Fiveson

36 thoughts on “’47 Mercury

  1. I see Rat Fink!! I blew the photo up and saw some Beatles 8-tracks! Good old days, problem was when a song faded out and ended on one track and began on the next — I hated that! 🙂


    • What an eye you have! I remember those tapes would sometimes have another song playing lightly in the background. They also were freaking huge. Good morning, Maryanne.


  2. Very cool… reminds me I still need to blow the dust off my Dad’s old ’53 Chevy sitting in the storage building. I need to win the lottery so I can get that powder blue girl running again!


    • Next time you see that car grab a photo or two. If it’s in reasonable shape you can sell it ‘as is’ and might be able to snag a few dollars.


  3. Beautiful. This old American Beauty brings back memories from my youth back in ex. Yugoslavia. In that time we were able to see on the street only some old cars , mostly trucks . And , it was possible to see and dream about such a Beauty only in Cinema 🙂


  4. another great find! and super captures, loving that music! I’ve always loved the dashes in the late 40’s mercury. Now we can put 1000 times the amount of music on a mini-disc, but we’ll never see real improved car styling from these days. Good day to you, Mike


  5. Great captures Mike! The Brides dad sold 8-tracks back in the 70’s at flea markets. And just for the record you and I where OG before OG was cool ( OG stands for Old Gangster by the way). Keep em coming man. Good stuff!


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