37 thoughts on “Old Pontiac

  1. My dad had a 1954 and the design of the hood was much the same. His was a 4 door with a straight 8. Not to quick getting away for a light, but on a long stretch it would peg the needle at 120. The color was coral. Looked like crap when it started to oxidize.


      • You’ve never been to Texas?

        Even with posted speed limits up to 85 miles per hour, we want to (and often do) drive faster. Not hard to do when there’s this much ground to cover.

        I’ve only done the ton in my pickup and on a BMW R1100R, but my Harley Shovel clocked at 125 once.


      • Well that makes perfect sense, the Texas part. I was there for a month last winter and yes, there are wide stretches of open road and lots of ground to cover. I was in a motorhome and a 6 cylinder tow vehicle, so I did not do 125. The fastest I’ve ever gone on my motorcycle is 95, and that was fast enough.

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    • Yes, the cars in Cuba are something to behold. I would love to go there, but would have to fly from Mexico or Canada since the US remains fixated about things that occurred 50 years ago.
      Thank you.


  2. I love old cars. they are sexy and with style. Looking at this picture makes me say:

    The old Pontiac
    ennobles the surroundings-
    back to black and white.
    P.S. May I use this beautiful picture(revealind the source offcourse) to post this haiku on my blog?


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