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Found in my home town is a man who I have a personal connection with. No, we are not both geniuses, and I would be lucky to have been his chauffeur or friend. We share the same birthday, which has always been a weird and misplaced sense of pride for me. And what a fantastic mural someone created. How they do that, paint big, while being close?

43 thoughts on “Einstein

  1. I have a poster of Einstein in my classroom. Several years ago a student asked who he was and without thinking long about it I said, “My Dad” and pointed out the similarities: wild hair, facial foliage, and eccentricity. We now have to clarify which Dad I am talking about about in my classroom. Thanks for the great picture Mike.


  2. 🙂 I like your photo very much for few reasons . First : it is a very good shot and a very good work . And then I like graffiti , like Einstein even if sometimes it is too complicated for me ,and well what I like very much here are comments and your answers .


    • I’m thinking he (or she) has. I suspect this may have been done with the support of the city, since it is downtown and would have taken some time to do.


      • I hope there are women taggers though for some reason it seems like a male driven past time to me?


      • Yeah, I would guess you are right although in real cities (NY, for example) there must be female taggers. I imagine it’s gogglable 🙂


      • I wonder….I would…in a second but I would struggle with the arrest professionally : )


  3. Having done murals, the way you know what you’re doing up close is to have it planned out before hand. For me, it’s much less improvisational than working on a canvas. Usually, I walk through all the steps in my mind before I even approach the wall.


  4. Fantastic, indeed, and I think I understand your misplaced pride. I share my birthday with legendary Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, which I’ve always been very pleased about, not because I followed in her ballet-toed footsteps in any way, but because she had a cream meringue dessert named after her.


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