’57 Lincoln Premiere

'57 lincoln premiereΒ© 2013 Michael Fiveson

When I was 8 years old and living in Brooklyn, this shiny new car rode right past me, and I have been looking for her ever since. I almost fell off my motorcycle when I found my lost love in a tiny rural town in Colorado. It was as if she never left, and we were together again. In that spirit of romance I leave my reflected image in her shiny chrome. We are one!

38 thoughts on “’57 Lincoln Premiere

  1. I was was in high school when these beauties hit the showroom floor. The fellow that owned the two drive-ins in town had one in black. Wow! This bring back the memories, Mike. Congrats on finding a lost love. I was in love with a 1957 Chev hardtop. The one with the aqua paint job.


  2. Great pic, Mike, great story! my family’s first car was an Austin A35… and the first car I ever had was the same! (not quite in the same league as your car!)


      • What??????? No! Good heavens… an A35 made by Austin! I’ll try and find a picture to post… minis were a whole new trendy 60’s thing…. although I didn’t get my A35 until the 70’s…. I’ll try and find a photo of it, Mike!


      • No, I meant the only exposure I have had is to the minis. I did google the older Austins and they are very British looking πŸ™‚


      • Sorry…. should have known! They were exceedingly British, the one we had as a family had no heating, an indicator switch on the dashboard that looked like a fried egg…but it did have indicator lights not the little plastic pointers which came out of the side of the car! Also had no automatic return on wipers so whenever you switched them off they stayed in that position.


    • You got it. Sure that car would have been from that time but much too upscale for West Side Story. Maria,,,,say it once and it’s almost like praying….Maria, Maria, I’ll never stop saying….Maria! Wait, where were we…..?


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