31 thoughts on “Room Addition

    • Yes, not all mothers in law should be stuffed in that addition. Just depends on the family and circumstances. If you ship your father in law here I will ensure that he is nicely fitted.


      • Well, I m a nice person so I would give him a bottle of Whiskey with him ..should keep him warm and comfy there 😉 PS will answer on FB the next days 🙂


  1. A lovely gritty image. You are really mining a rich seam of images recently Mike, another excellent B&W shot – looks like you’re having fun with the Topaz plug one. I picked up one myself in the next competition – must thank you for making me aware of DLR


    • That’s nice Andy, that I made you aware of DLR. Your photo in that last contest was really good, and yes I really do enjoy that Topaz software. Thanks for the comment, my friend.


  2. Truth be told. That house resonates with my life and my wife and her relatives have taken the centre-stage and me happily on the sidelines, writing my memoir. The height of that room keeps my head bow down which garners much needed sympathy so I be served food twice. Thank you O Lord!
    P.S. They have serious doubts but I’ve assured them, no bitches will be harmed in the writing of my memoir.


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