Lone Tree

lone tree© 2013 Michael Fiveson


32 thoughts on “Lone Tree

    • Wow, thanks Mona. I just took the photo on Saturday so for the time being it is hanging in my computer. What a generous thing for you to say.


  1. Stunning photo, Mike – this would look great framed and on a wall! I like the way the tree is leaning into the picture, almost as if it’s turning towards the bright horizon. There’s the single sticky-up thing, post I guess, which is looking back towards the tree… getting fanciful here, but just trying to explain why the picture springs to life for me!


    • Thanks for this comment Lois. I like the picture quite a bit also, it is one of my favorites. The tree has a really stark quality, as cottonwoods do when they are bare. I have a large one in my backyard that produces just over a million leaves per year and guarantees me manual labor for many months at a time 🙂


      • Cottonwoods sound so romantic… saw too many westerns as a child I guess! can you compost the leaves… or are they just a useful way to keep you fit?


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