Old Warehouse

old warehouse© 2013 Michael Fiveson

My recent postings might suggest that I am having a serious affair with B&W images. The  addition of Topaz B&W effects has produced renewed passion, and is a great deal of fun. We go way back, B&W and I, and while this isn’t our first dance together, we are now easy lovers, moving slowly and fitting together like two old comfortable socks 😉


30 thoughts on “Old Warehouse

  1. I take days where I just shoot for B&W, I like that it stops the distraction colour gives and you get to the subject faster, I find I play with presets a lot looking for a style, I need to look out Topaz… I have a series of shoots set where I’m doing portraits all to be included in mono.

    The texture in the building has been brought out really well, I would have been tempted to get on ladders and just shoot the wall nearest.

    Great capture!


    • I did not see an entry point and there was so much going on outside. It was up against rail road tracks and was rich in images. Thank you.


  2. It is nice to see you having fun with artistic interpretations using your new Topaz software. Althought I enjoy a great capture on its own merit, I really enjoy the wonderful tools at our disposal to go for a look or feel and see all the ways the same image can show different moods. I love color and toned and black and white images too. It is funny sometimes how certain images that don’t quite hack it in color end up being the very ones which look stellar in a toned image.


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