54 thoughts on “Colorado Barn

  1. Spooky 😀 Seems that the house has two faces…I just imagine what they would say…Face on the right side: So spooky, so spooky, so spooky!!… Face on the left: Oh come on dude, not again… 😉


  2. Love the contrasts of the clouds and the tree with the barn. The level of black point is excellent to accentuate the shingles and siding of the barn. Terrific image, Mike, thanks!


  3. One more comment perhaps? The photo is wonderful … but I’m so curious about the barn itself. That tree … so close to the barn. Is this barn near to you?


    • It’s 25 miles from me, and yes that tree is that close. And you can always comment. I thrive on them.
      Buy me a beer and I’ll take you to the barn….


  4. I love your barn series Mike, I spent some time in the country as a child, my Dad was military and my mom died young so I was shipped off to my grandparents in the summers, we had lots of barns there, I would love to find some photos of those barns, the tobacco barn in particular. Thank you for this amazing tour through nostalgia.


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