30 thoughts on “Curious Window

    • It is part of a huge industrial complex that is now closed. Not sure what it was once. Wish I could give you more information. Thanks for the comment Trinity.


  1. What an interesting combination. A loose brick, a stove pipe, some chip-board and a half-finished paint job! It looks like the owner kept changing his mind.


  2. It looks like the flue originally exited through the centre but was moved to the top corner, probably through a boiler replacement.


  3. Have you been riding past my house lately? O.K. mine is not that bad but I do have the pellet stove pipe running straight out our side wall…….with a nice wall thimble so not to look to red neckish!


  4. The vent is coming out of the window. That’s quite confusing. It should come out from the top of the roof or some such higher places; I guess. Nice picture though. 🙂


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