35 thoughts on “Devil’s Creek

  1. Nice infrared, Mike. I don’t think of the after life, if there is one, as frightening. I think its a natural state of being welcoming and warm. Or its nothingness. Either way nothing to be afraid of.


    • You know, I have always said that I did not fear death. But, there was this one time when I had this overwhelming sense of dread of non existence. It was wierd and I don’t know if that is what people fear.


      • For me I see it all as a big and somewhat exciting mystery. If I have done well in this life perhaps I get to come back as something meaningful, like a Golden Retriever.


    • Andy, it is not infrared but again a solarization process I do that involves manipulation of contrast and density and maybe one or two more solarizations on top of the first.
      And thank you.


      • Thanks Mike for that. I have used solarization a few times, you may be seen one or two examples on my blog. Always a fun process and unpredictable – you never know quite what you are going to get unless you try.


      • I think it’s like opening a grab bag…always a surprise. And thank you Andy, it’s good to have intelligent (if somewhat esoteric) conversation.


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