Devil’s Creek

devil's creekΒ© 2013 Michael Fiveson

There is a place where lost souls wander, unable to find passage to the afterlife, or to fathom that they are, in fact, deceased. It may well look like this, haunting and wrong.


35 thoughts on “Devil’s Creek

  1. Nice infrared, Mike. I don’t think of the after life, if there is one, as frightening. I think its a natural state of being welcoming and warm. Or its nothingness. Either way nothing to be afraid of.


    • You know, I have always said that I did not fear death. But, there was this one time when I had this overwhelming sense of dread of non existence. It was wierd and I don’t know if that is what people fear.


      • For me I see it all as a big and somewhat exciting mystery. If I have done well in this life perhaps I get to come back as something meaningful, like a Golden Retriever.


    • Andy, it is not infrared but again a solarization process I do that involves manipulation of contrast and density and maybe one or two more solarizations on top of the first.
      And thank you.


      • Thanks Mike for that. I have used solarization a few times, you may be seen one or two examples on my blog. Always a fun process and unpredictable – you never know quite what you are going to get unless you try.


      • I think it’s like opening a grab bag…always a surprise. And thank you Andy, it’s good to have intelligent (if somewhat esoteric) conversation.


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