38 thoughts on “Locked Door

  1. I rarely read other peoples comments, well on my posts, but not on another persons post. But tonight as I was eating supper I wanted to get caught up on your stuff some. So I read your comments and found out someone other the The Bride and I know about the El Chupacabra / goat sucker! Nice! Every time we talk about the Chupacabra people think it is a new item at Taco Bell!
    As far as what is behind the door I have no idea but it is a great capture.


    • HA! It may well be served at Taco Bell. I used to work with a girl that the other ladies did not like. They named her the Chupacabra and I got educated on the myth, and possible reality. Man, she was an ugly girl with a nasty disposition! Always good Jagged.


    • May well be. I can imagine some early Harleys in there that might be worth their weight in gold. Tell you what…..hop on that flying machine of yours and meet me in Michigan. Wear a heavy coat. We’ll go exploring with a pry bar and afterwards we will go do some serious drinking, right before we are arrested.
      Or, plan B…..come out in the summer and we’ll ride motorcycles through the western United States and we can do some serious drinking without getting arrested. Yes?


  2. great comments – imagination can get away with you. In my days in northern US there were “hunting” sheds parked out in the middle of wooded areas were trappers/hunters could leave their stuff and come back for it. Not sure that applies here, but this is a great pic.


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