32 thoughts on “Junkyard Art

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  2. Hi Mike, it has been a while since I was on the net. It is very strange that on my first day on the net for years I come across your beautiful photo. It is most likely a Buick 1953. I saw one today on the road in Sweden and spoke to the owner and also took a photo of it. What a strange coincidence.


    • They sure are. It is great to see you are still around posting beautiful photos. I used to follow you photos of doors if I haven’t got things mixed up. If I could I’d send you the photo of the Buick from today. But it seems I can’t add a photo in the comment.
      Perfect love! And please kee spreading beauty with your photos

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      • I used to post quite a bit back when I was shooting all those doors. I shoot less now, but still get out and about from time to time. Send me that photo you took to my email at m5son@comcast.net
        Looking forward to seeing it. And thank you.

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