Pumpkin Warming

Pumpkin Warming© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Pretty Pumpkin enjoys some natural light as she rests in the kitchen. I know there are people who love their pets as much as I do her, but none love them more.


63 thoughts on “Pumpkin Warming

    • Hi Kelly. I have no room to hang anything without taking something down. Pumpkin is well represented and her latest birthday portrait is a 16×20 on its own well lit wall. There are many smaller photos of her on bookcases and shelves. As I write she is running around with squeak toys. She just laid down 3 feet from me. We just returned from our mile walk 😉

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      • Holy Pumpkin Palooza! 16 x20 is fabulous. Sounds like she had a good time if she’s still doing zoomies with a squeak toy. I know your blog is all about photography. But video’s are just a whole lot of photo’s run together in a certain sequence, very quickly 😀


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