34 thoughts on “Log Living

  1. Log homes tend to be dark on the inside. I have seen a few log houses renovated in such a way that enough wood was covered with light painted drywall to light the place up. With enough of the woodwork showing, the house I think of had a modern look together with a great feeling of times past. A log house needs maintenance to look good and this house is very well maintained, looks great!


    • Yes, dark on the inside for sure, but I would add a window or several, and even one of those tubes that sends natural light into the house. I would guess that maybe that wood would create a woodsy smell inside. Thanks for the comment Joseph.


  2. Given the location, I suppose I can overlook the satellite dish… but those plastic chairs just don’t work. How about a pair of nice wooden Adirondack chairs instead? (That would be my choice!)


    • And it is a good choice showing good taste. These days in economically depressed towns (Such as Saratoga, Wyoming) people go with what they can afford. Those plastic chairs are cheap, and comfortable.


  3. Cool shot, Mike. The dish fits in just fine. err… well, maybe not.
    But still a cool shot.
    I tried to find your site on your gravatar, but you have not posted a link there. I just happened to find your link next to one of your comments somewhere.
    Adding a link next to your gravatar will allow people to find you through a “like” pin. I recommend it. 🙂


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