Moonlight Dreams

moonlight dreams© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Another dream-scape where I find myself all alone and in search of all that never was, and  can never be. Lost youth, wasted potential, and the girl that got away so long ago. Here I am hunted by Nazis, and I punch and kick in my restless sleep.

I will awaken to a different reality, where I am embraced by those I love, feel self acceptance, and am very much my own man, fully capable of self defense.

54 thoughts on “Moonlight Dreams

    • Hardly. But I am a rock that never got polished. Still some rough edges. And there are things such as loss and the holocaust which I feel right to my bones.
      Thank you.


      • I’m sure. Waking to embraces from those that love you, self-acceptance and being your own man must be pretty good though.
        I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau a few years ago and it still haunts me. I spent almost the entire time in tears. It’s difficult to grasp the enormity of the crimes committed principally against Jews but also against homosexuals, gypsies and anyone else that didin’t fit.
        Our politicians are seriously letting us down because through their greed, incompetence and corruption there is a seriously worrying resurgence in the popularity of the extreme right wing in Europe. People are once more looking to immigrants as the reason they don’t have jobs,houses, pay so much tax etc etc.. 😦


      • Yes, history tends to repeat, hence the mantra ‘never forget.’ I have never been to Europe but I can tell you that a concentration camp would do me in, as in I would feel it so deeply I probably could not manage it. And yes, not just Jewish people but all that were considered defective, including political dissidents.
        There is always a holocaust going on somewhere (Africa) and as you know we are a primitive people, we humans.


  1. Love the photo, and the description of your dreams…, lost youth, wasted potential. the girl that got away… I can relate. But Nazis? Maybe you shouldn’t eat right before bed. My wife gets so involved in documentaries on the holocaust, American Indians, even alien visitations. But I have yet to dream of any of them. Now watch. having said that, I will probably dream of being scalped by a green alien with a swastika scar on his forehead!


    • Paul, I had some family killed by the Nazis, and that dream is a recurring one for me.
      Glad you like the photo and let your pretty wife know that I too bleed for American Indians and all oppressed people for that matter.
      And, if you ever see a dude with a swastika on his face or neck, be assured he is a neanderthal and should be avoided.


      • I challenge you to use it in conversation today! I will also take up the challenge (husbands/wives/partners not counted… guess I’ll have to go to the pub!)


  2. brings to mind a song by James Blunt’s that includes “turning in my sheets” … strong image with touching words. thank you for sharing this with the “blogging” world


  3. Hello! Just discovered your blog! I love your photographs, especially the b/w ones! Looking forward to your next posts 🙂


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