28 thoughts on “GMC Farm Truck

  1. 🙂
    I was several times thrown out in different places ( even by security stuff ) because I have trespass ” security parameter ” as they have explained me . And not to tell how many times I had to explain that a candid photo is always better than something arranged …… so I sometimes ask a permission even if I know that the response is NO !
    😉 And I still use my old style and do photos without asking anything . My husband is telling me that once I will have some problems ….. Who knows ….
    So it is better for me to photograph old doors and windows and my still life . No danger there .
    Inspite all rush , your photo here is very good .


  2. Another classic old truck.. If there are no crops in the field, or even if there are and you’re walking between the furrows, I can never understand why farmers get so irate about people on their land. Who gave them the right to stake a claim and declare noone else can cross it? Surely the earth belongs to us all? We have a huge network of public footpaths in the UK and we have a pressure group called ‘Right to Roam’. They’ve had quite a lot of success in opening up footpaths that farmers have plowed across or otherwise tried to make disappear..


    • There were no crops growing and I did no damage but people with land get real funny about trespassers. This is the wild west in that regard and while most farmers are civil, some are bat shit crazy and I am always risking my life when I trespass.


      • Well the images you bring us are great Mike.. I hadn’t quite realised the personal risk you were taking in getting some of those photos.. 😯 You obviously need take care out there in the wild west.


      • It’s all good chill. I could carry a gun with me but I’d worry that I might actually have to use it when I encountered by some gun toting lunatic who may be making crystal meth in one of his out buildings. Thanks for your comment, as always.


  3. LOL! I feel the same way when I’m in the country shooting sometimes. One day, I was still in my car taking a shot and out of nowhere, this old man with the biggest dog I’ve ever seen is standing beside my vehicle. “Whatch doin’, Miss?” he said. Totally freaked me out.

    Great shot.


  4. We went to photograph an old airfield and some really scary men came out of a concrete hut with even more scary dogs pulling on their chains… we legged it back to the car and got out of there really quickly! But this is a lovely photo, the old thing settling down in the sun for a snooze!


    • Yes, the old thing has settled down some. I like your imagery, you ought to be a writer:)
      Damn, nasty men and dogs tied to chains. Glad you are alive for the telling.


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