26 thoughts on “Lakefront

  1. Beautiful Mike. I’ve just been on the beach in beautiful mild Spring sunshine. I haven’t seen frozen anything in Cornwall this winter save the chips (fries) that came out of the freezer. This is a gorgeous image. 🙂


  2. Gorgeous shot, Mike. Not much freezing going on here either, except there’s some prediction of a cold front moving in. Then we’ll probably send it in your direction. 😦


      • Seems like the east has had a pretty rough time of it already this winter. As for the flu… it wimped out pretty much. Might have been a mild cold, or just a need to slow it down after the traveling I’d done before it hit. Made for a great pun in the subject of that post though. Thanks for asking! 😀


    • Yeah, that lake is actually frozen but I wouldn’t walk on it as it has not been cold enough to be safe. I do like the puffs of snow on that lake. Thanks for the comment Marielba.


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