44 thoughts on “Twin Towers (Colorado)

      • Yes, due to their rural setting…and due to their still-upright position……

        It’s like when I stumbled upon some really pretty flowers out here in the mountains and then went home and researched the images…and learned that they were called “Colorado Columbine….” What a pairing of words in the context that we have come to know them over recent years…like your Twin Towers…the words are heavily freighted now….

        Your image is beautiful, Mike…and the title still saddening, humbling, really, in it’s context…that our lives go on…and words have new meanings…..


      • Yes, as a native New Yorker and a world citizen you might imagine how I was gutted from 9-11. I have old photos taken in the WTC in 1977 from the observation deck. I considered not using that title, twin towers, but that is what my image is. I remain heart broken and angry about that day.
        And yes, columbine happened in the same school district my son attended and is also horrific and unimaginable.
        You the man, Scott.


      • I’m aware of your roots, Mike, and considered that you had used the title thoughtfully…I share your sentiment for the events of both places, New York and the Columbine area…horrific, heart-breaking, and angering…still.


      • Scott, the columbine is our state flower, hence the high school having that name. I have stumbled over some pretty ones here as well and actually have some that grow every year in my front yard. And they come in other colors besides blue.


  1. Please excuse myignorance but are they grain silos or what? I cannot figure out what material they are made from or what the tubes up the sides would be for. They almost look like furnaces but that couldn’t be right, could it?


    • Yes, they are grain silos and keep in mind that I grew up in Brooklyn so you know at least as much as I do. On the side of one it appears to be a partial ladder. I am guessing they are made out of some sort of mortar, and I do not believe they are currently used at all.
      There, see how much I know!


    • Paul, I thought this comment was about my photo posted today. Hell yes this went through a few filters and was manipulated. You must have thought me a liar for a time, eh?


      • My comment WAS about your photo. I’m not sure I understand your comment about my comment. (I think I’m confusing myself.) Why would i think you a liar? I always play with my photos with a free program called BeFunky (I’m saving up for Photoshop.) The color in my photos always seems flat, and when I shoot in b&w there’s never enough contrast, it seems. I love your eye!


      • You asked me if I manipulated that image, and I said no (that comment was trashed….perhaps you never saw it) But I was responded to the wrong image, that I had not manipulated. Capish?
        My photoshop was free. don’t tell anyone and its an OLD version.


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