35 thoughts on “Afternoon Barn

      • No problem. I live between a pretty rural area rich with old barns and scattered farm equipment, and the state capital with huge looming architecture. I’m waiting for this chill to leave the air and some snow to clear before I venture into shooting the contrast between the two…. however, I’m always drawn to the simple, old, beautiful style of the agricultural past….


      • My husband and I would love to learn more about photography. I am new to my digital camera, but know what I like and generally have a good sense of framing and what I want the picture to look like… despite what it may turn out like…. always looking to expand my knowledge.


      • Nothing wrong with learning, even at my age, although I care less about many things as time goes by. My wife takes rides with me so I have 2 sets of eyes to survey the landscape.
        A good sense of framing is a great thing…..I think most good photographers have that as an intuitive guide. Not sure how much of it can be taught.


      • Good point. Maybe by trial and error, and continual feed back. An artist mind wanders, and good framing might be intuitive to some more than others…. a sense of what lies beyond the page. Artist are always looking for more, and what’s outside the given picture. 🙂


      • True enough. That is the creative energy and free thought which allows the artist to be who they are. More is good, and there is much to be discovered outside the box.


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