Two Beauties

two beauties© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Like retired sentries, these two old tractors stand guard in front of an old round farm building. Perhaps they all grew old together, and remain content with the companionship.(Thanks to my sweet wife Judy, who spotted this on a recent drive through the country)


42 thoughts on “Two Beauties

  1. Judy, judy, Judy! That’s obviously her on the right. A real beauty. You, on the left, look a bit worse for wear. No offense. I’m sure you’ll clean up nicely.


  2. I have to put my spin on these… the one on the left is DEFINITELY a International Harvester Farmall… not sure of the year and model, but the one on the right, I have no clue. The IH Farmall’s are an awesome tractor. No hydraulics back in those days but still awesome workhorses! THAT is why it looks tired. The other was likely a hunk of junk rarely used. Ha ha! Can you tell I’m an IH girl? It’s in the blood…


  3. Your Bride has a great eye, and also great heart ( the ones who love us, love the things we love, even if they have no idea why we do) to boot.
    The tractor on the right is newer and it seems to be standing guard over the older tractor. Not as a prison guard but as an Honor guard. Respect for that which came before.
    Great capture Mike. Peace.


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