Blue Claw

blue claw© 2013 Michael Fiveson

For those of you who were hoping for a blue claw, hope no more. I would like to have seen the rest of this crab, but alas I only found a claw. You may call me clueless, if you must, but do not call me clawless. Or silly. Photo taken on Copano Bridge Pier, Texas.


28 thoughts on “Blue Claw

  1. Excellent image, Mike. The small one doesn’t do it justice, though. Once I embiggened it I saw the detail and texture of it — a simple image but so good. (Tasty too. How many claws does it take to make some crab cakes?)


    • You embiggened it, eh? Glad you did. To answer your question, it takes 7012 claws to make a decent crab cake, and when you are done you generally need 131 stitches. And thank you Frank.


  2. Blue crabs are so tasty. Back here on the Chesapeake Bay, they are gone for the winter, but once they come back in the summer – they are steamed in beer, seasoned with Old Bay and eaten fresh from the pot with corn on the cob and more beer.


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