homemade© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Volkswagen once made something that was marketed as ‘Thing’ in the very early 70’s. While it was not a commercial success, for one clever fabricator up in Wyoming, it continues to live on in a new form. I would imagine this beast is 4WD and it looks cool.


32 thoughts on “Homemade

  1. Hi Mike,
    Is that really a Volkswagen? Or is it a Steyr-Puch “Haflinger”? The Austrian car manufacturer was once owned by VW for a while, as far as I know.
    Best regards from southern Texas,
    P.S.: I like both of the all-terrain trucks made by Steyr-Puch, the “Haflinger” and the “Pinzgauer”.


      • Hi Mike,
        On second thoughts, and after some googleing, I believe it’s a Steyr-Puch “Pinzgauer” in the two-axle version. The “Pinzgauer” is Steyr-Puch’s bigger version of their all-terrain “Haflinger”, and it came in a two- or three-axle version.
        Best regards,
        P.S.: Wikipedia has it, but unfortunately in German only [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinzgauer_%28Fahrzeug%29].


    • While in Texas I met a guy who was fishing next to me and he had a small motorhome that he converted into a platform for fishing and living. He had no job, but had construction and electrical skills so he would pick up odd jobs, here and there. All he did was fish. He was both the free-est and loneliest man I have ever met. Without a wife like Judy I might be doing the same thing.


  2. I can picture Hannibal, B.A., Murdock, and Face bouncing around, doing some serious harm in whatever that is! And if you don’t know who I’m talking about, check your 80’s i.d. at the door.


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