Since 1927

since 1927© 2013 Michael Fiveson

This image was found in a small town in Texas. I don’t know what it might have been but on the lower left one can still see ‘since 1927’, suggesting this was once a store front. It also has the look of a saloon, or even a restaurant. Thoughts?


35 thoughts on “Since 1927

  1. The appearance suggests several types as you have mentioned…the style is suggestive of all, I would venture a guess it was a feed and grain store…only because of the top section of the building, or possibly a “general store” which carried a little of everything….very neat old building.


    • Often rural communities buy these old frame buildings to be used for parties, birthday gatherings and other affairs in the community. The owner collects a small fee for the upkeep and the men and women in the community do the work. An adult clubhouse. Often, individuals buy them for personal use on their own properties. Some folks buy them simply because they remember visiting the old stores as children. Many times, the old buildings are offered free to anybody who will move them. Texas is still a rural place in spirit much like it always was.


      • I like that about Texas, the freedom to use your land in any way you see fit. I suspect your thoughtful analysis is right on the mark. The town was Austwell, as I recall.


      • I worked as a social worker with a guy who was from Austwell. It’s typical Texas community. The old store is a good fit on personal property there. Thanks. I wondered where it was.


  2. Great find, Mike. My guess is that it is either a store or perhaps a diner/restaurant. It’s impressive that it looks like this abandoned structure is still in decent shape.


  3. This is a classic Texas General Storefront. In my hometown we had several ranging in names from the Sonoma Superette to the Dew Drop In Numbers 1,2,and 3. In this place you could charge goods with a signature on an adding machine ticket and receive a bill at the end of the month. I would frequently ride my bike to get bread from the Dew Drop In and the owner Stanley always tried to sell me on the cheaper bread. My Mom would have killed me if I did not get the brand name. They found Stanley dead in his bed some years later with an empty whiskey bottle and full ashtray by his bed


    • Michael, that is interesting on several levels. You certainly have defined nicely what this picture is about and I find the image of a store like that, doing business in that way, wholesome and classic Americana. And poor Stanley….but I suppose if you are going to die, doing it in your own bed is not the worst way out. Thanks for this charming comment my friend.


  4. Great shot. It looks like a storefront to me, but that’s based on a building near one of the state parks here in the Bogs that looks remarkably like this one (and it’s also currently unused, but has a “General Store” sign on it). I wonder if they date from the same period? I’ll have to take a closer look next time I’m out that way.


    • Thank you. Amongst my comments is one from a blogger friend in Texas who tells me it was indeed a store front, and he grew up with one just like that. Who knew!


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